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Russia and India share the same friendship that Jai and Veeru have in the Sholay film. Not only is there a friendship between Russia and India, but they also play this friendship fully. Simply put, they love each other very much.

Vladimir Putin - India 24x7 news

Vladimir Putin – India 24×7 news

Russia, which is counted among the most powerful countries in the world, has its own identity in the world. Russia is far ahead in technology. Today we will give you some information about Russia, which you may have never heard of before.

  • You might not know but Russia is almost twice as big as USA. There are 11 different time zones in Russia.
  • Russia, rich in natural resources, has so many oil pipelines that it can wrap the world 6 times.
  • Russia has the largest reserves of natural gas in the world and this is the reason that Russia is the largestexporter of natural gas.
  • You would be surprised to know that Russia has about 40% of the world’s total gold source. 11% of the world’s
  • total aluminum is produced by Russia’s Russell Company.
  • Transformers, tape recorders, helicopters, synthetic rubber, welding of extracts, radiators, telegraphs, powder milk, etc. are the inventions of Russia.
  • You can gauge the power of Russia from the fact that the world’s largest bomb Tsar Bomba is with Russia. This bomb is 1400 times more powerful than the atomic bomb used in Hiroshima Nagasaki.
  • Russia has the highest number of nuclear weapons as compared to all the rest of the world, which is around 8500. Russia is the second largest arms exporter in the world.
  • Russia is one of the most educated countries, you will be surprised to know that Russia has a literacy rate of around 99.7%.
  • Alcohol consumption in Russia is very high, on average, a Russian person consumes about 18 liters of alcohol every year.
  • Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area and you will be surprised to know that the area of ​​Russia is more than the house of Pluto.
  • Russia is the first country to send satellites into space.
  • Driving a dirty car is illegal in Russia.
  • In terms of pure water, nature is kind to Russia, 20% of the world’s pure water is in the lake named Baikal.