Pakistan : is considered as a terrorist state and worldwide Pakistan is infamous for harboring terrorists. By the way, Pakistan is familiar with its black acts all over the world. The relations of this country with India have always been bad. Since Partition, many wars, many terrorist attacks and insurgencies have caused a deep rift in the relations between the two countries. But it is said that not every coin has two sides, one is right and the other is wrong. By the way, if the evils of this country sit to be counted, then the list becomes much longer. But there is also some specialty of this neighboring country, about which very few people know. Today we are going to tell you about some such facts of Pakistan, due to which this country is also famous in the world –

pakistan - india 24x7 news

pakistan – india 24×7 news

Football is the most played and watched sports in the whole world. But you will be surprised to know that 50% of the football used worldwide is made by hand in Pakistan. These matches are used in most matches.

Everyone likes the national anthem of our country best and listening to it, we all feel a sense of pride and respect, and patriotism towards him. But do you know that the tune of Pakistan’s national anthem has been awarded as the best tune in the world, that is, the Pakistani national anthem is ranked first in the best tunes of world.

The basic base of both India and Pakistan is based on agriculture. But Pakistan’s irrigation system is counted among the best irrigation systems in the world. It is considered as the supplier of various things like gram, apricot, cotton, dates and other things and the world’s largest producer.

Pakistan also has the record of becoming the youngest judge in the world. Muhammad Ilyas of Pakistan was made the youngest judge, in 1952, when he was the judge, he was not more than 20 years of age. Which is a world record. No one has held this position till such a young age. And this record is also the name of Pakistan.

There are many Islamic countries around the world, but Pakistan is the only country which has nuclear power weapons. And this record also comes in the name of Pakistan.

The world’s largest deep sea port is also present in Pakistan. And this deep sea port is built in Baluchistan province of Pakistan named Gwadar port.

The second largest salt mine in the world is also in Pakistan and its name is Khevada Mines. Which is the second largest salt mine in the world. And this is a huge record for Pakistan.

Pakistan has the highest international road in the world which connects China and Pakistan with each other. This highway has been carved out. Which is a very dangerous and creepy road. Where you have to walk very carefully.