Narendra Modi

In the battle of Lok Sabha election , only Narendra Modi is visible from the ruling BJP. In this Mahabharata of elections, Abhimanyu is also Modi and he is also in the role of Arjun. Modi is discussed not only in the country but also abroad. Everyone wants to know the small thing related to Narendra Damodardas Modi. Let’s know few interesting things about Narendra Modi …

PM narendra Modi - India 24x7 news

PM narendra Modi – India 24×7 news

1- Narendra Modi was born on 17 September 1950 in Vadnagar to Damodar Das Moolchand Modi and Hiraben.

2. Narendra Modi is the second child of 5 siblings.

3. Narendra Modi was called Nariya in childhood.

4. Narendra Modi’s father had a tea shop at the railway station.

5. In 1965, during the Indo-Pak war, he offered tea to the soldiers passing through the station.

6. Narendra Modi was completely different from ordinary children in his childhood.

7. Narendra Modi used to study in Bhagavatacharya Narayanacharya School in Vadnagar. Narendra Modi was an average student in the school.

8. He was fond of acting in childhood.

9. Narendra Modi used to act in school, debate, participate in plays and win awards in childhood. Also joined NCC.

11. Narendra Modi was influenced by saints and saints as a child. He wanted to become a monk since childhood.

12. Modi had run away from home after school to become a monk. During this, Modi wandered in many places including Ramakrishna Ashram in West Bengal.

13. Narendra Modi was associated with RSS since childhood. On the day of Diwali in 1958, the first RSS pracharak of Gujarat RSS, Laxman Rao Inamdar alias Vakil Saheb, administered the oath of child volunteer to Narendra Modi.

14. He was a very hardworking worker. He used to show the skill of management in organizing big camps of RSS. RSS leaders had the responsibility of making reservations in train and bus.

15. Stayed with the Sadhus for several months in the Himalayas. Two years later, when he returned from the Himalayas, he decided to renounce his retirement.

16. After returning from the Himalayas, Modi along with his brother set up tea shops in many places in Ahmedabad. He sold tea enduring every difficulty.

17. At the age of eighteen, Narendra Modi was married by his mother to Jasoda Ben, residing in Rajosana village in Bansakatha district.

18. Narendra Modi later left home and became an RSS pracharak.