Published On: Sun, Jul 28th, 2019

Karnataka India: Speaker Disqualified 14 MLA Before Yeddyurappa Majority Test In State

Karnataka India : Karnataka Legislative Assembly Chairman R. Ramesh Kumar disqualified 14 dissident MLAs with disqualification immediately after the term of the Assembly was terminated. It includes 11 Congress and three JDS MLAs. Let me tell you that after the fall of Chief Minister Kumaraswamy’s government, BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa had claimed to form the government. The Governor has given Yeddyurappa a chance to prove majority on Monday.

Karnataka Speaker KR Ramesh Kumar -india24x7news File Photo

Karnataka Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar said that BS Yeddyurappa has asked me to monitor the trust vote yesterday (on Monday). The Finance Bill will end on July 31. I appeal to all the MLAs to be present for the session for confidence motion. He said that he said that where have we reached? As the situation (recent political developments in Karnataka) being a speaker I am being pressurized. All these things have pushed me into the ocean of depression.

Speaker had disqualified three legislators on Thursday

Earlier, Karnataka Legislative Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh, acting on two days after the fall of the HD Coomaraswamy government, declared three MLAs disqualified on Thursday. The legislators to be disqualified include Ramesh A Zarkhiali, Mahesh Kumthalli and R Shankar. Significantly, HD Kumaraswamy could not prove the majority in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. Surf 99 votes in favor of the majority in the House, while 105 were in opposition.