India Map

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The first map of India, ie, who made the map is very confused about it, some scholars think that in the Mauryan period, the map of Aryavrata was first made under the supervision of Chanakya, with the help of the then painter, but this thing, despite being authentic. It does not hold historical significance because it is not mentioned in any book of history and neither Chanakya has mentioned it.

If we talk about modern times, in 183, James Rennell made a map of India which was of the then India, after it was made under the supervision of Radcliffe and now under the supervision or direction of the Survey of India.

Map of india

The present map of India has come into existence after the separation of Pakistan in 1979 and then the separation of Bangladesh, we can also say that the map of India which is today was not like it was probably before 1949.

Map of India and neighboring countries

Whenever you see the map of India, you will see that there are other countries in the north, east and west, and other countries in the south, it is important to know which countries are these, Pakistan is in some part of the north and China is more in some part. , Nepal and Bhutan in the North East, Bangla Desh and Myanmar in the East, which was earlier named Verma, there is no country touching Bhusima in the South, yet we consider Sri Lanka It must be in contact with the sea and land border passes in the West, to be in contact with the land border of Rajasthan and touch Maharashtra waters Pakistan country.