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This is where the most popular issues that potential clients might have should be answered. Covering stuff such as customer services, privacy policy, T&C, legal disclaimer, etc. is nice idea. Check the following examples.

Which Internet browser should use to get the most out of your India 24×7 news website?

It is optimized for Netscape and Internet Explorer versions 5 and above versions. If tables or Java can not be displayed by your browser, than only use the text version. 

Where is the source of all this news ? Who is writing all these things?

Nearly 100 skilled reporters working 24 hours a day put together text, audio and video from the vast array of content that comes in every day. The site’s quality and integrity is the responsibility of the Editor. Send his remarks to him.

Do you have customer Support service Representatives?

Of course! To answer your questions 24x7x365, our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives are accessible.

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