Donald Trump

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Donald Trump, identified as a successful businessman, has ushered in a new era by taking oath as the 45th President of America, the world’s most powerful country. Donald Trump is one of America’s most successful businessmen, a well-known personality, writer, and active television actor, Donald, who is most notorious for his controversial statements. Trump, also known as a future US president, is a veteran of the real estate business whose equalization is a matter of few. He is the target of opponents due to his aggressive statements and his comments about women are known for his special identity.


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Early life and education: Trump’s mother, Mary Anne, was born in 1912 on Lewis Isle in Scotland. In 1930, at the age of 18, she went on vacation in New York where she met Frederick Trump and the two moved to New York. Donald Trump was born in New York. Donald J. Trump was born on June 14, 1946. They were five siblings of which one of the brothers, Fred Jr., has passed away and the other is brother Robert. He has two sisters, Marion Trump, Barry and Elizabeth. Her older sister, Marianne Korne Trump, has been a federal appeals court judge.

He did his early schooling at Q One School in Forest Hills, New York. At the age of thirteen, his parents sent him to New York to study at the New York Military Academy. He graduated in 1964 and emerged as a star athlete and student leader. He joined the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied at Fordham University for two years before graduating in economics in 1968. After studying here for two years, Trump was sent to the University of Pennsylvania on real estate. The University’s Wharton School of Finance and Commerce had a Department of Real Estate Studies which was one of the few study centers in the region in the US at the time.

Successful businessman-turned-politician: Trump’s journey to the presidency was not so easy as he had been in front of incumbent Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton for the past eight years. Prior to politics, he has been recognized worldwide as a successful businessman, television personality and writer. He is also the chairman of ‘The Trump Organization’, working in real estate and other fields. Trump began work in his father’s company, Elizabeth Trump and Sons, and never looked back. Not only did he spread his father’s work to a wide range of areas, but he also created such a huge empire in areas other than real estate that could be unimaginable for any businessman.

Trump’s political commitment has also changed from time to time. However, his commitment was not very clear until before 1987. He was a supporter of Republican Party President Ronald Reagan in the late seventies. In 1987, he officially joined the Republican Party. Thus his first political face turned out to be a Republican.>
In 1999, after twelve years, Mr. Trump joined the Reform Party. He remained associated with this party for three years and in 2001 he left the Reform Party. In 2001, Trump joined the Democratic Party and remained a part of it for the next eight years. In the 2008 presidential election, he also provided massive political and financial support to the campaign of Republican candidate John McCain. However, McCain suffered a defeat at the hands of Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama. In 2009, Trump officially joined the Republican Party.

In December 2011, Trump once again broke off from the Republican Party and declared himself an independent-minded man. It was like this for about five months. He returned to the Republican Party again the following year. For the next four years, he worked hard for this party and he also secured the candidature of the party for the 2015 presidential elections in 2015.

The name on the Forbes list: Trump represents America’s big business house, so The Trump Organization of Political Tradition has worked on more than one project in various countries of America, Europe and Asia. These include skycrappers, hotels, casinos, golf courses and other types of construction. He was named among the world’s top 500 billionaires in Forbes magazine.

Trump’s father Fred Trump is German while his mother Mary Trump was Scottish. Fred’s family lived in New York City, while mother Mary was born in Scotland. All four of Fred’s earlier generations were born outside of America (Germany).

Fred and Mary were married in 1936. He made his home in New York’s Inquisition area, where Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946. Fred also managed to establish himself as New York City’s largest real developer, following the tradition of which Mr. Trump has expanded to many countries in the world.