China is a fascinating country! There are so many interesting China facts to share with you! It is the most unique, weirdest and most exciting country we have ever lived in. Let’s talk more about traditional Chinese culture.

In most countries of the world, what you have to avoid is completely acceptable in China. This fact about China is the same as spitting, yawning, grunting, and mumbling in Vietnam is common practice when you dine in China.

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This fact about China is really strange! Pampers are not popular in China. Most children wear special pants with a large pierced bottom. When they feel they need to poo or pee, they simply squat and do it wherever they want.

Here’s what this fact about China Facts:

  • The population of China is 4 times more than the population of America.
  • One in every 5 humans is Chinese.
  • Chinese is the most popular language in the world (based on the number of native speakers).
    14% of the people in the world speak Chinese.
  • On the contrary, most people feel that China is not the largest country in the world. It is the 4th after Russia, Canada and the United States. Russia is almost 2 times bigger than China! If you are wondering where in the world China is located, then it is located in East Asia. Do you know the official name of China? This is actually the “People’s Republic of China”. Also, do you know the capital and currency of China? The Chinese capital is Beijing and the local currency is Renminbi.

The next fun fact of China is that China owns all the pandas. Really, all of them! Every panda living in this world belongs to China. All China pandas live in the capital of Chengdu, Sichuan, and are one of the most popular Chengdu Panda tour with a local travel agency when you are visiting the region. If you see a panda in other countries, it means that it is borrowed from the PRC (People’s Republic of China). What’s interesting is, when a baby panda is born, he is sent to China (always by FedEx) to help expand the gene pool.

Another China fun fact is that restoring virginity is possible and quite popular in China. There is also a medical name for this plastic surgery – Hymenorrhaphy. Chinese women pay a lot of money to rebuild their hymns before the wedding night. They do not want their future husbands to find out that they are no longer virgins.

The next China fun fact is that it is a huge country with only one-time territory! This is why in some places the sun rises at 10 am. In the past, China has 5 different time zones. But in 1949, Communist Party leaders set a time for the whole country. Since then, everyone has been using official Beijing time.