Published On: Mon, Aug 12th, 2019

Who is Behind BJP’s presence at J&K ! Mehbooba Mufti & Umar quarreled during Detention

  • Mehbooba-Umar quarreled during detention, Umar had to shift to another place.
  • Who brought BJP to Jammu and Kashmir? Umar-Mehbooba, quarreled in custody, kept separate.
  • Mehbooba and Omar were kept in Hari Niwas, one day both were walking, then they started blaming each other for the situation in Kashmir.
  • Mehbooba’s tweets are being handled by her daughter Sana during internment, tweets from outside Kashmir.


Srinagar –  There was a security check on the flight from Delhi to Srinagar. Scanning machines began to spew bags, toys, rice cookers, sweets and sleeping bags. For a long time a Kashmiri woman kept waiting for her phone to come out from the scanning machine. He asked the CISF person standing there, “Where did the phone go”? The CISF person jokingly said, “Someone took away your phone.” The lady said, let go, where I am going anyway, it is of no use.

Mehbooba-Umar quarreled during detention, Umar had to shift to another place - india 24x7 news

Mehbooba-Umar quarreled during detention, Umar had to shift to another place – india 24×7 news

The phone, landline and internet have been closed for the last one week in the valley. People are imprisoned in homes. However, everything needed is easily available. Shops of Kashmiri loaves open in the morning and evening. Everything from milk to medicine is easy. There is also necessary movement on the roads.

People say injustice was done to Kashmiris – Taxi driver Ghulam Mohammad

Leaving some sensitive areas of downtown, the avenues are open like normal days. In the streets which have been prevented from fencing, the security forces often make way for the people to move in and out. If there is a ban, then there is a crowd gathering at the square. If there was a growing crowd, immediately the security forces came and asked the people to return. Section 144 is still in force. Ghulam Mohammad has been driving a taxi for the last 25 years from the stand at the airport. Ghulam Mohammad says he does not know what has happened. People have said that we have had injustice with Kashmiris. Our own leaders have done injustice.

Hari Niwas is considered wretched due to the death of terrorists

Among the leaders whom Ghulam Mohammed referred to, two former CMs of Kashmir have been in police custody for a week. Mehbooba Hari is in residence, while Omar Abdullah has now shifted to another place. Both were previously imprisoned in the same Hari Niwas where they used to imprison the separatists while the CM lived.  Hari Niwas, which was built as a prisoner of terrorists. When Ghulam Nabi Azad became CM, he converted this Hari Niwas into CM House. But no one went to live there. It was said that many terrorists died there, that place is wretched.

Omar-Mehbooba was blaming each other for J&K the situation

There is a different story behind keeping both Omar and Mehbooba in different places. According to the security forces present there, Omar was allowed to walk in Hari Niwas while Mehbooba remained locked in the upper floor room. One day Umar was walking down, then Mehbooba and Umar got into a fight. Both started blaming each other for these conditions. The battle escalated so much that the two had to separate.

Mehbooba also showered on father and grandfather

Mehbooba reminded Omar that Farooq Abdullah’s alliance was with the NDA in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government. “He loudly told Omar that you were a junior minister for foreign affairs in the Vajpayee government,” said an official. Mehbooba also held Omar’s grandfather Sheikh Abdullah responsible for the merger of Jammu and Kashmir with India in 1947.