Published On: Wed, Aug 21st, 2019

Why America is changing its statement on Kashmir again and again, this is Trump’s compulsion

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday termed the situation in Kashmir as ‘explosive’ and said that it is a very complex place. A day after talking to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Pakistan PM Imran Khan over the phone, Trump has said that he will try to calm the situation in Kashmir. Looking at Kashmir through the prism of religion, Trump said that religion is also an important reason for the tension between India and Pakistan.

Why America is changing its statement on Kashmir again and again, this is Trump's compulsion - india 24x7 news

Why America is changing its statement on Kashmir again and again, this is Trump’s compulsion – india 24×7 news

“Kashmir is a very complicated place. There are both Hindus and Muslims here and I don’t think the two have been able to live together well. The long-standing relationship between the two countries has not been good,” Trump told reporters at the White House. And frankly, it is a very explosive situation. ” President Trump added, “There are many problems between the two countries and I will try my best to do something through mediation or other means. We have good relations with both countries but both are not friends at the moment. The situation is complicated.” And religion has an important role in it. Here religion is a complex issue. ”

Ever since Article 370 was removed from Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan has been trying to raise the Kashmir issue from every platform. Pakistan tried to hold a formal discussion on the Kashmir issue in the UN Security Council but was unsuccessful. After that, with the help of China, Kashmir was discussed in a closed room in the UN Security Council, but the US, France and Russia supported India. Officially, the US does not stand anywhere with Pakistan but to give it false happiness, US President Trump is repeatedly making such statements informally.

After the removal of Article 370 of India, the US statement came that it is standing on its old stand on Kashmir issue. That is, it is standing on its old stand of resolving Kashmir issue at the bilateral level itself. Trump also spoke to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan over the telephone even before the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) meeting in New York, after which the White House issued a statement. White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidale had said that Trump has insisted on holding bilateral talks between India and Pakistan regarding the circumstances of Jammu and Kashmir.

A day earlier, US President Donald Trump spoke to PM Modi and Pakistani PM Imran Khan. Donald Trump wrote that I spoke to two of my good friends, Prime Minister Modi and Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. In this conversation also talked on trade, strategic partnership and the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. He wrote that the situation is difficult, but a good conversation took place. During this time also, the US did not propose to mediate.

In fact, Pakistan PM Imran Khan, who is upset with Prime Minister Modi’s Kashmir policy, is repeatedly pleading with America. President Trump has already lied on the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s visit to the US, Trump claimed that PM Modi had asked him to mediate on Kashmir, although within a few hours India rejected it. The White House also offered clarification on Trump’s statement. But, within 30 days, Trump has called for mediation on Kashmir for the second time. In such a situation, the question arises that after all why is President Trump repeatedly doing Kashmir-Kashmir and mediation-arbitration?

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