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In today’s time, who does not know about America, America has a different identity in the whole world and you must also know that America is a very powerful country, if we do not know, then we will not let you know today. Will tell you some interesting information and facts about America which will probably be very beneficial for you and it will also give a boost to your general knowledge. Words which are in 50 states and is more populous than 32 points, 4 million in the US and later in India and China is the third largest country, its capital is Washington DC and the largest city in the country, New York.

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And inside it is developing very fast in the present time, although America is a very big developed country but its population is 4.3% of the world population and many people of our country live inside America. They all have a desire to go to America because America is the only country where people can work easily and it is also a technology country. New things continue to be invented and almost the largest population of people living abroad in our country is in America, so today we are telling you some interesting facts and information about America in this post that you want to know. If it is very important, then we are telling you some more such things related to America that you will like, so if you like this information, then Don’t forget to share it. 

1. The White House is the residence of the President of the United States and the White House is located in Washington DC. But its special thing is that it has 132 rooms.
2. 25% of Americans have come on some or the other TV show at some time ..
3. America’s 1 percent people have 33 percent of America’s wealth. 50 percent have only 2.5 percent money.
4. You will be surprised to know that American people live in their house 90% of the time.
5.Americans throw in 40 million newspapers every day by reading them.
6. If you write the names of all 50 states of America in English language, then you will use all the letters except ‘Q’.
7. Americans throw 25 lakh plastic bottles every year.
8. America’s first capital was New York, but was later changed to Washington DC.
9. The number of animals in Montana city of America is 3 times more than humans.
10. Every year 35000 tons of Pashta are eaten by Americans.

11. In every 45 seconds, a house in America is burnt by fire.
12. Every American uses 465 trees worth of paper during his lifetime.
13. In America, you can only drive a car when you are 16 years old, keep a pistol and vote only when you are 18, and you can buy alcohol only when you are 21.
14.The Statue of Liberty was gifted to America in 1884 by France.
15. Every year, 50 lakh cycles are thrown every year.
16. The world’s first telephone directory book was published in America in 1878. It had only 1 page and 50 names were registered on it.
17.63% of American youth cannot find Iraq on the map.
18. America’s Navy is the world’s second largest Navy and the Air Force is number one.
19. America’s Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest airport.
20. Americans sign 4 crore 20 lakh checks every year.

21. Americans eat as much as a pizza every day instead of 18 acres.
22. Every American uses an average of 8 batteries a year.
23.What are the most known plants in air.
24. The government has control over 32 percent land of America.
25. There are about 5 crore 26 lakh dogs in America.
26. Almost every American drinks 600 Cold Drinks a year.
In 27.1867, the US gave only 72 lakh dollars to Alaska for Alaska, which according to today makes 1 rupees per acre. Alaska is the largest state of America in terms of area.
In the United States, about 1 million cars were sold in 28.1913.
29. Americans eat 1 million 50 million hot dogs every year.
30. Americans each gamble $ 54-55 billion (about 30 lakh crores) every year.

31. The average weight of each woman in the US is 50 kg.
32.18 percent Americans still believe that the sun revolves around the earth.
33. America is the most obese country. Its 33 percent population is obese.
34. The Dutch were once empowered over New York and it was called New Amsterdam.
35. American people spread the highest pollution in the world.
36. The first coinage of America was started in 1794. This coin was made of silver.
37. 80 million tonnes of paper is used in America every year.
38. During his lifetime, an American man spends 3,500 hours saving.
39. 1 out of 8 couples marrying in the United States are those who got married due to their online friendship.
40. New York’s most populous city is New York and is followed by Los Angeles and Chicago.

41. The average American eats 6 times more protein than needed every day.
42. There is no official language of America.
43.American people eat more ice cream than any other country in the world.
44. Americans save less than 1 percent of their income.
45. America’s Wabash and Indiana are the first cities in the world to use electricity for lighting.
46. ​​America has a city named Ding Dong!
47. The name of the highest mountain peak of America is Mount McKinnel. Its height is 6,194 meters.
48. On an average 800 cyclones occur every year in the United States.
49. Indians did not have the right to take citizenship of America until 1924.
50. In an hour, on an average 60,000 people pass over America by airplane.

Today, in this post, tell you some interesting facts and information about America which was very important for you to know, like we have given you the Constitution of America in this post. United States of America. US President. Who discovered america History of the United States of America. Interesting facts about India and apart from this, we have told you more information inside this post, I hope you will like this post and if you like this information then do not share it. Forget it and if you have any question or suggestion about it, you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below.