Published On: Sun, Nov 11th, 2018

Allahabad got its old name after 450 years

New Delhi (India 24×7 news Special). Sangam city Allahabad finally regained its old name after 450 years. Once the Mughal ruler Emperor Akbar changed its name from Prayagraj to Allahabad (Allahabad). Prayagraj is mentioned in many places in the Puranas. In the Ramcharit Manas, Allahabad has been called Prayagraj. It is said that Lord Sri Rama came to Prayag in the ashram of Bharadwaj Rishi during the forest movement, after which it was named Prayagraj. Matsya Purana also describes it as saying that Prayag is the region of Prajapati where the Ganges and Yamuna flow. The city has been mentioned in many books and documents of the time when India was ruled by the Mughals. Akbar laid the foundation of the fort in this city in about 1574. When Akbar established a new city here, he changed its name to Allahabad.

Allahabad got its old name after 450 years

Allahabad got its old name after 450 years

Mythological form of Prayag

According to Hindu belief, the creator Brahma performed the first yagna here after the completion of the creation. Prayag of this first yagya, which means yagya, became Prayag and the place was named Prayag. The Lord of this holy city is Lord Vishnu himself and he is seated here in the form of Madhava. God has twelve forms present here. Who are called Dwadash Madhava. The largest Hindu conference is one of the four sites of Mahakumbh, the remaining three being Haridwar, Ujjain and Nashik. The place of Prayag mentioned in Hindu scriptures is located at the confluence of the holiest river Ganges and Yamuna. Here Saraswati river secretly meets at Sangam, hence it is called Triveni Sangam, where Kumbh Mela is held every twelve years.

Gupt to British Govt

Prayag and some parts of present Kaushambi district have been important areas for Indians. This region has been part of the Maur and Gupta empires in the east and the Kushan empire in the west. Later it came into the Kannauj empire. Allahabad came under the Mughals in 1526 after the Mughal Empire had recaptured India. Akbar had built a large fort on the Sangam ghat here. Marathas were also attacked in the city. After this came the authority of the British. In 1765, the garrison fort of the army was established in the fort of Allahabad. Allahabad was also active in the first Indian independence struggle of 1857. From 1904 to 1949, Allahabad was the capital of the United Provinces

Prayag is a spiritual city

Prayagraj or Allahabad has been seen as a city of spirituality since ancient times. Even today the feeling of immense reverence for this is clearly visible in the minds of people. As far as changing its name is concerned, there have been many voices in the past regarding this. During the UP elections and Lok Sabha elections, there was a demand to change its name. At that time Yogi Adityanath had promised that if the BJP government is formed in the state, Allahabad will be renamed as Prayagraj. The latest decision of the Cabinet is the fulfillment of this promise. However, after changing the name, politics has started on this too.

Demand to change Faizabad’s name

The UP Revenue Council has mentioned that a total of 14 Prayag sites are mentioned in ancient texts, of which Prayag here was renamed as Allahabad, the rest has not been renamed anywhere. The king of all Prayagas is called Prayagraj. After Allahabad, saints are also now demanding that Faizabad district should also be named after Ayodhya or the mythological name Saket. The state government spokesman said that such a suggestion has come before the government. On which a decision can be taken soon.