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www.india24x7news.com is an internet news media portal where people from the world can receive news about the recent events happening worldwide.

Its not just a news portal but one can also become a part of the website by contributing his/her views and thereby becoming a member of the www.india24x7news.com family.

India 24×7 News is an Infotainment channel that displays content from both NEWS and GEC. It is a channel intended for ordinary people that gives one and all an equal platform. India 24X7 News churns out diverse material as an empowering medium and a trend setter with the beneficial intention of engaging the youth with the family. In the midst of the widespread incidence of adverse headlines it carries a ray of hope with positive news. Not only does the channel show the sunny side up, it deals with tales of human interest and entertains with soaps and movies.

India 24X7 News offers innovative advertising and brand inclusion possibilities for advertisers and external stakeholders, and as it highlights GEC content and news displays, it offers advertisers with the chance to reap the advantages of being the “first mover.”

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