Published On: Fri, Jan 19th, 2018

Pakistan Warns That It Will Respond To Any Misadventure By Indian Govt.

Chief General of the Indian Army, Bipin Rawat, said the Indian army is prepared for the nuclear attack on Pakistan.

Pakinstan warns of befiting response - india24x7news

Pakinstan warns of befiting response – india24x7news

New Delhi / Islamabad: Pakistan called military chief Bipin Rawat’s declaration irresponsible and provocative.

The spokesman for the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that India’s stance would be detrimental to diplomatic relations between India and Pakistan. Our young soldiers are willing to respond to any Indian assault. Simultaneously, Pakistan accused India of violating the seizure.


On the other side, the Indian Army provides an appropriate response to the Kashmir ceasefire breach on LoC. Let me inform you that General Rawat said our military is prepared for the nuclear attack on Pakistan.

Mohammad Faisal, spokesperson for Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry, said, “In this manner the Indian Army chief’s irresponsible and provocative remarks are tragic.” India seems to be a nation that likes to battle.

He added, “Pakistan does not want to worsen the scenario, but our soldiers are also fighting the Indian Army. India’s confrontational thinking will have an effect on the security and peace of the region as a whole, which can lead to diplomatic instability.”


Pakistan’s danger — Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Faisal said that we are not fragile — “Pakistan is completely capable of reacting to any wrongdoing. India’s misunderstanding and irresponsible behaviour has developed diplomatic crisis. India’s border is being shot with heavy guns, the viability of the 2003 ceasefire.

If necessary, we will again conduct Surgical Strike: 

Army Chief — General Vipin Rawat said last week, “The Indian army is fully prepared to respond to Pakistan’s nuclear attack. If the government says the army will cross the LoC and make an operational strike. — Let me tell you that the Indian army crossed the LoC twice and took action against the Pakistan-Occupied terrorist bases.

Pakistan is shooting at LoC–Pakistan made a seizure violet on Wednesday night in its Jammu and Kashmir pura RS industry. A BSF troop was martyred during the firing. Three civilians were wounded with another jawan at the same moment. BSF replied as well. On the other side, an army captain was also wounded in the shooting in Poonch in Pakistan. Three Pakistani rangers have been murdered by Indian soldiers in retaliation


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