Donald Trump

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Donald Trump: U.S. 45th President

Donald J. Trump is the very definition of the American success tale, setting the norms of excellence in its company efforts, and now for the U.S.

President Trump, a graduate of the Wharton School of Finance, has always dreamed big and pushed the boundaries of what is possible throughout his career, dedicating his life to building business, jobs and the American Dream. This was brought to life by a motion that he inspired in America’s individuals when he announced in June 2015 his candidacy for US President.

Ultimately, this movement would lead to one of history’s most distinctive presidential campaigns. Ever the leader, Trump did not follow a rule book and brought straight to the individuals his message, “Make America Great Again.” Campaigning throughout the nation in historically democratic countries and counties, Trump was elected president in November 2016 in the 28-year Republican’s biggest election college landslide.

President Trump is working hard to enforce his’ America First’ platform, keeping his commitment to the American people of lowering taxes, abolishing and replacing Obamacare, ending stifling laws, protecting our boundaries, maintaining employment in our nation, taking care of our veterans, strengthening our military and law enforcement, and renegotiating poor trade deals, establishing a government of, by and for individuals.

He is making America First, again, restoring the faith of our nation, leading now and for generations to come into a bright, fresh future.

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