World Cup- Bangladesh defeated the West Indies for the first time, won by 7 wickets

In this World Cup, New Zealand achieved the target of 245 against Bangladesh West Indies first scored 321 runs in 50 overs; Hope, Hetmayer and Lewis half-century Bangladesh achieved target of 3 wickets in 41.3 overs, Shakib scored a century Sports desk : In the 23rd match of the World Cup, Bangladesh defeated the champions West Indies by two wickets More...

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Rohit Sharma who won the game with 13 fours and two sixes to win the game । india 24x7 news
By On Thursday, June 6th, 2019

Indian Team’s Winning step towards World Cup

India defeated South Africa by six wickets, Rohit’s unbeaten century Southampton : Under the leadership of Virat Kohli, India made a spectacular debut by defeating South Africa by 6 wickets in the World Cup. More...

Sachin Tendulkar wife and daughter - india24x7news
By On Monday, January 8th, 2018

Man was kept for harassing the daughter of cricketer Sachin Tendulkar

A person was detained for harassing the daughter of Sachin Tendulkar’s Indian cricket legend.   Sachin Tendulkar with His Family – india24x7news Debkumar Maity reportedly called home More...

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