Published On: Mon, Mar 27th, 2017

4 out of 10 jobs would be lost due to automation by 2021

is the new norm across sectors and will affect the bottom of pyramid so much so that four out of every 10 globally would be lost due to this by 2021, experts say.

is the new normal in sectors like engineering, manufacturing, automobiles, IT and As adoption increases, all high and labour intensive will take a hit.

To cater to this fallout, government needs to focus on two key areas strengthening the mid-market segment and reskilling the workforce to take up new which will emerge post automation, PeopleStrong’s Bansal said.

KellyOCG India’s Padamadan believes “will not take away all the because you still need someone to build and monitor the robots. So, while mostly at the bottom of pyramid will be affected, new will get added”.

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